Handy 10-Cent Superfecta Book with Cost Tables and Much More!

Paul Lambrakis’ “classic” The 10-Cent Superfecta Complete Guide to Wagering and Winning is timeless and will help keep you ahead of the rest of the betting crowd every racing day of the year!

This new updated second edition includes everything in the first edition but also provides new information on factors that influence payoffs, how to get more value from your bets, what to do with the betting favorite, being creative with your ticket structure and much more!

This book also contains a comprehensive set of cost tables so you will always know the cost of your bets before you get to the betting windows! This large set of cost tables includes hundreds of 10-cent superfecta betting configurations!

You will be shocked when you see how inexpensive it can be to cover anywhere from
6 to 14 horses in a race!

This book was published by Today’s Racing Digest and is only available through their online Book Store. This is a high-quality soft cover 68 page booklet in a convenient pocket size (8″x 4″) making it easy to always have with you and is only $14.95!

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Why People Play the 10-Cent Superfecta

Today you will find many low-cost bets at your local racetrack that can generate very large payoffs. Besides the 10-cent superfecta – among the most popular are the .50 Pick-4’s, .50 Pick 5’s and the .20 cent Pick 6’s.

What sets the 10-cent superfecta apart from the rest of those bets is that you still have a chance for very large payoffs, but you only have to worry about just one race!

Those that are successful at this bet are very selective in choosing the races that they play. They only play races where they have a good “feel” for the winner unlike the other low-cost bets where you are forced to try to pick winners in a sequence of races. They are also very skilled at proper ticket construction maximizing their chances of winning.

Whether you are new to 10-cent superfecta betting or experienced, consider buying Paul Lambrakis’ “timeless classic”, The 10-Cent Superfecta Complete Guide to Wagering and Winning!